Tuesday, January 15, 2008

changes afoot

i have done a substantial amount of thinking about my future these past few weeks. i have come to several conclusions.

first, i want to change the world. with God's help, i intend to do so.

for me, the manner and means to this goal is the practice of law. law is a mission in itself as it allows me to help change lives in individual cases. it is the means because it provides me experience and gives me the knowledge and the platform to seek systemic changes. and ultimately, it is the systems i want to see changed.

i have been the mentor, the pastor, the cheerleader, the coach, and the advisor to many oppressed individuals. and while it made a difference, i could not hope to solve the problems that worked together to cause oppression.

and so i have a dream--or maybe it's a plan. i am going to build a law practice. i don't know that it will be entirely conventional, but i see it as essential to my overall goals. i will never advocate change which i do not believe to be inherently practical and workable in real life. with the rest of my time i will develop my non-profit and pour out my life and energy challenging the systems that oppress, and challenging and mentoring the coming generations to use their tremendous wealth, knowledge, and abilities to see these changes made.

i don't know that it will work. it is a risk. but the idealism of youth has stuck with me, and i will not be satisfied with less. and so i'm quitting my job with the venerable courts of my state, and i will begin this idealistic, but perhaps not totally unrealistic journey toward justice.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

a new year

happy new year! so i've clearly abandoned the blog, unfortunately. life has snowballed into an unmanageable amount of activities, and after writing for my job and editing papers, and working non-stop, i have not wanted to write often.

on November 21, 2007, i was sworn into the practice of law. i'm working too much. i work 40 hours a week at the courts, then teach a writing class, grade for another class, and now tutor bar exam preparation students... in my spare time, i'm still developing the non-profit organization that was formed this fall. i'll be recruiting interns for the summer and we hope to begin our first big research project within the next few months. so the days and nights are flying by. i'm hoping and praying that i'll be able to make a transition in my job to be able to work fewer hours and to have a more balanced life. i should know about that within the next month or two.

anyway, if i have any readers left out there, i hope you all are doing well, and that 2008 is another great year.