Friday, May 26, 2006

good news

guess what!! guess what!! guess what!! guess what!! guess what!! guess what!! guess what!! /jumps up & down...

my scholarly writing paper from last semester got accepted for publication in our school law review! i really didn't expect it - it's on more of a human interest/human advocacy topic that is not too popular. i didn't think it had much of a chance. but... i was wrong. so now i embark on the journey of becomming published. what fun!

i am loving my summer job, by the way. i've already written an appeals court brief and next week i'll be conducting a preliminary hearing. i'm going to have lots of great writing samples when i'm done. but more importantly, the attorneys here are extremely approachable and have taken lots of time to speak with me and give me advice. so i'm greatly enjoying myself.

i have a couple of posts in mind about the emergent church/post-modern culture, but i just have not been able to write the last couple of weeks. i hope to have some time to do so soon.

have a great memorial day weekend. i'm definitely going to get some relaxing in.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

settling in

so this week has been a week of settling in. i've started my summer job, and i think i'm really going to like it. i spent about half my time this week visiting different courtrooms and observing the proceedings. i had a chance to visit both the state and federal courts, and noticed some major differences between them. i also have met tons of people at work, and i really like them. they have been extremely friendly.

one thing i'm having to get used to is the fact that i have entered this office with the respect of my coworkers. i am used to going in somewhere and starting from the absolute bottom rung. but there is a level of independence that i will be allowed to have right from the start. it's really nice, actually. i'm not sure if that's just my office or the law world in general, but i'm really going to like the freedom to be self-determined.

after work i've been busy seeing people that i don't have time to see normally. it is going to be a summer where i'll actually have time to relax. i will actually leave work and be able to think about other things. i'm going to be very happy that i chose this job.

and i had a law review meeting tonight, where the editors were actually nice. wouldn't you know it--i got the editor that i thought liked me the least during the interviews. he's totally different now - i'm not sure if it's because the faculty supervisor cracked down on them because of how inappropriate their interview styles were, or if it's because he really is a nice person, but i'm also feeling much better about that. so yeah... that's good news. i just wasn't sure what to expect from this law review experience.

hopefully i'll have some more interesting things to say this week as i get totally settled in....